Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekend of Fun for our family-event 1 museum

       I love when my daughter "K" comes home full of excitement and explaining everything she learned for that day. One particular event happened this past weekend, March 4, 2017 at the Overland Trail Museum it was "Gobs of Green" day celebrating St. Patrick day .   I have to say the Staff there is awesome and their passion for history shows through these wonderful events that they put on, so on that note onto Gobs of Green Day......K said that everything was centered around Ireland and their main crop for that time was Potatoes, so the children made potato stamps. I was informed that they used cookie cutter to cut the shape into the potato then put paint on it.  Another craft that was given to the children was a word search and maze worksheet and also made out of construction paper a Clover Person.

Then they also got to hear and see Irish Dancers giving the presentation was Perry which I was informed that someone names not included didn't sing very well in this demonstration, bless his heart for trying though. 

With all programs there must be a snack included so, What do you think they would have for snacks?   of course a little bag of potato chips and juice to end their time of fun at the museum.