Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Educational Packet-Pterosaurs Packet


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Walmart-play doh launch game $14.97

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.31.30 PM  

Play Doh Launch Game: $19.97
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Education-5 ways to save big on right now


I have a way making people scratch their heads and wonder "How are we making it financially? Our number one factor is God, he has kept his word in providing for our family. Though God also has given me a wonderful gift which I love that is a knack for extreme savings. Yes I do use coupons though there is other ways we save big for a family of 3 living check to check.  We are working on that wonderful emergency funds since it was drained by a flood and several other medical emergency it just wasn't working out though we have our bills paid and we just paid off our Rav4 and we are able to go on short day trips like the Butterfly Pavilion, Planetarium and others.  
I know some of you are probably thinking...I don't have $$ for.....  
Though I have always believed where there is a will there is a way and I have to tell you it works for us.   
Here is my 5 items that you can save on right now......

1. Magazines
Now for us I have close to 40 different subscriptions BUT I only pay about $20 a month or $240 for the year give or take. This may drop because some of them maybe a 2yr subscription and this is for our-9 regular subscriptions like All You, Highlights, Creation, Readers Digest, trains, etc.  
How in the world do we get that many subscriptions? 

  • Manufactures-many of them offer sweepstakes even if you don't win most have a magazine subscription that they are offering. 
  • Reward Programs from manufactures like Kellogg's, Pampers, etc. 
    • Collect Points from buying their products, redeem
  • Special Programs that offer free magazines
  • Products
    • Closer to Christmas you will see products that are on the shelf with magazine offers.
  • Sweepstakes 
    • Most of the time just entering in a Sweepstakes they offer something for your time to just enter into it

2. Music 
 Music is one thing I rarely buy, I think the last time I bought music was over 2yrs ago and that was an album for my daughter so we could listen to it in our truck.  There is so many ways to get free music and not break the bank.  

  • Several online sites have free music
  • If you have amazon, they give free $1 credit. 
  • Local Radio Stations
    • Many of these give away songs or albums on their facebook or website. 
  • Reward Programs like Kellogg's, Pampers, etc.
    • Collect Points from buying their products, then redeem
3. Eating Out or Special Treats
  • Visit your Local Visitor Center
    • Now I got your attention, Did you know that most visitor centers gives away coupons or high value gift certificates to local restaurants. They are trying to draw in local business, so why couldn't we take advantage of this great tool as well. 
  • Sign up with your local restaurants by e-mail, facebook and twitter
    • Why-most will send you a subscriber deal online
    • On your B-day you are sent free or special deals 
    • Watch your junk mail-many will send coupon books out
    • 7-11 has a special app that they send out freebies every week. 
4. TV/Movies
This year after some research we cut our cable to just the basic which is $50. We still have it for local stations and hubby's hockey though most of the time we are using our Roku. Roku is a machine that hooks up to your TV and internet and gives you access to 1,000 of movies and shows.  
How this saves?
You buy the Roku a one time fee which runs $50-$100. Then you just select which channels you want now you can sign up for subscriptions. 
Tip buy one subscription then find a friend or family that has another subscription that you would like to have.  Then see if you can be added to their account in exchange ask if they like to be added to your subscription. 
Another way to save is to sign up with Redbox (which is on Roku)
You can get 4 free movies per month and also being a subscriber they send out free codes as well.

The Last one if you like online shopping become a Amazon Prime, they offer hundreds of free shows and movies on the Roku.

5. Books
 We love books and could spend all day absorbed in them though as much reading we do it would get expensive to get them. Yes you can go to the library though if you are like us, you love to be surrounded by books. So here is a few ways that we get our books for a bargain price

  • Yard Sales, Flea Markets-great way to barter for them.
  • Book Swaps
  • Manufactures-Sunmaid, Purex, etc.
    • They are jumping on the wagon to promote reading. 
  • Reward Programs; Kellogg's, Huggies
    • Collect points when you buy certain products, redeem. 
  • Online
    • Lots of sites that offer free books to download or mail to you. (watch blog for those goodies)
    • Kindle-you don't need a kindle, you can download a program right on your computer and have it. 
  • Sweepstakes
    • Most of the time just entering in a Sweepstakes they offer something for your time to just enter into it. 

Walgreens-Arm & hammer detergent $2 ea

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.27.30 PM  

Arm & Hammer Detergent, 25-32 ld  $3.00 
=$2.00 ea