Thursday, June 22, 2017

FREE MUSIC-6 songs to download


  • Get Your Hopes up-Worship
  • Activates-Worship
  • The Great Unknown
  • Glory-Worship
  • We Worship You-Worship
  • Gravity-Pop

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Cock and Load


   Hanging up clothes, weeding a garden all gives a person time to think and pray then little visitor critters show up..birds, squirrels, bunnies and many more.  Though occasionally when a critter arrives my brain seems to kick in on How in the world could they do that? One morning hanging up a load of towels and just as the last towel is hung a big oodle of blob shows up dripping down on one of my towels.  Now my brain kicks in overdrive and this bird I am sure is sitting up there on that line with his snack bowl of worms, calling his friends over and saying, "Who is with me for the next round?" and then proceeds to yells out, "Everyone COCK and LOAD, we are going to nail this one?" 

   If you are anything like me you are trying to not pirate swear as you are taking down your freshly laundry towels and haul them back in to re wash them. Then a slight though small thought crossed my wires "Whoa, maybe God is firing at me to get my attention and that first blob was a miss and I am sure God is telling them birds to cock and load to not miss the next round?"  Now right there had me quivering in my shoes and looking around making sure that I could find shelter really fast. It also got me thinking how many times does God shoot us with something to get our attention now granted it may not be flying blobs though what will it take to get our attention. Do we really stop and think about it? I have to say that morning having those flying blobs aiming for me and missing got me to stop. Have you stopped?  

     Isaiah 55:8-9, tells us that God's thoughts and ways are higher then ours, we may not understand those plans or why something is happening though God knows. In Romans...this is a promise to not worry, it will work out though make sure God is your leader and not yourself. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Creature Feature of the Week: Sharks


   If you aren't signed up for the Weather Channel, I highly recomend it especially since they send you a creature of the week. Well This week it is Sharks. So on that note here is some resources to help you discover about sharks.

Weather channel articles.....
Other sources