Saturday, March 11, 2017

A secret to feeling like a professional parent


   3 a.m. and feeling like a you just had a collision with a freight train or better yet you wake up with your heart pounding in your throat. I am sure all of us can relate especially if you are a parent homeschooling and trying to keep up with life. More times then not it seriously stinks then the sprinkles of joy start falling down and you realize God didn't abandon you.  It wasn't until one of those face plants that I also had a A HA moment.  That A HA moment came after I found out that I had fallen into the classification of being an experienced homeschool mom,  A mom who has a well oiled homeschool schedule that can balance both school and home like a pro.  Alright, Stop right there I am literally dying with laughter over this classification cause if you asked my daughter and I, we would give you that dumb look and say who.  I can honestly say for a fact we do not have a well oil machine going on it has actually ran into many speed bumps and more times then not have had major collisions that we have screamed, "I will not survive." 

  Though I have discovered a secret, a secret that all of us are capable of doing and feeling like a pro. A secret that we can pass on not just a secret to keep to ourselves. That secret WE CAN DO IT. So when you hear someone say I can't or that evil I can't Monster, whisper You can.  
In our home "I can't" is banned from use absolutely no one is allowed to use it. You can ask any member of my family and they will probably tell you to run Run for the Hills cause you never know what happens when you use that word around me. 
Here is one example of what happened when she said, "I can't" I sat on the floor told her to sit beside me then I handed her a scrub brush told her to start scrubbing the brown spot on the carpet after a few minutes I hear that word I can't. I asked her, "Why you can't?" She said, "It isn't working." I then asked her "How are you going to fix that?" She said, "With cleaner."  After she puts cleaner on it and starts to scrub again...I hear I can't do this it isn't working again. I again asked her "How are you going to fix it?"  After a bit she discovers that she can do it though it takes persistence, patience and thinking outside the box to get the solution and not everything is black and white.  
So I challenge you to ban the word I can't in your home and see what happens,