Friday, January 6, 2017

Sunmart Shopping $44.xx saved $50.xx

I took advantange of Sunmat deals on Wednesday this week and the reason is because it was Senior Discount and 2nd of all we combine this trip together in order to get the best possible deals. My side of the groceries cost $44.xx and savings was $50.xx
 Sorry I didn't take one overall picture and I just want to get things put away this day.
Even without coupons and discounts a lot of these deals are nice way to stock up on and if you have a friend take advantage of it.

2-Grapefruit 4lb bag
2-Oranges 4lb bag
2-egg noodles
5-campbell soup
1-clorax wipe
2-clorax single
1-crest toothpaste
3-crest toothbrushes
2-Thomas English Muffin
1-ranch dressing
1-van de camp fish sticks