Monday, December 12, 2016

The Awesome Pack Review

As some of you know we have completed our Renovation and lately have found ourselves sitting around staring at each other trying to establish some type of fun not centered on or around a TV or same stuff. So that left me on the hunt through the internet looking for something to accommodate everyone. That is when I discovered Awesome Pack, I ho hummed back and forth if it was worth it or not. I have to personally say I am very very please with it so far. I will give you more details in how the games are and wether they are worth it or not.  This pack is for 2 Adults and 1 9yr old girl.

So on that note
This is an Awesome Pack it cost about $49.xx a month and I let you decide if it is worth it or not for your family.

So this is what came in our pack
Fairy Pillow
  My 9yr old girl loved this it gave her an entire hour of fun doing it and now she proudly has something to show for it.

  • Walmart-$16.99 
  • Amazon-$13.35

Royal & Langnickel Colour Pencil by Number
  • Walmart-$6.97 
  • Amazon-$9.97

Troll Hair Puzzle 48ct
  • Walmart & Amazon doesn't sell this puzzle


  • Walmart-doesn't sell 
  • Amazon-$16.99

 Geek Out Family

  • Walmart-$19.32 
  • Amazon-$26.03

Bang Zoom
  • Walmart & Amazon don't sell it individual game

 Sock Monkey Straw 

  • Walmart- doesn't sell it
  • Amazon-$7.99
Crayola Wild Notes 1 Subject and pen

  • Walmart & Amazon doesn't sell it

 Catch a Falling Star

  • Walmart-doesn't carry it 
  • Amazon-$29.98

Excavate a Dinosaur

  • Walmart-$10.98
  • Amazon-$17.98

So my opinion is for the $49.xx that I paid it was well worth it since some of the items could not be found in the store and was a little bit on the high side in buying these items individually.