Tuesday, September 27, 2016

City of Sterling Fun-Biking Rodeo

   Gear up and Get Ready if you don't know what is going on in Sterling, grab your cup of mojo and sit back and try to keep up. As some of you know things are starting to show up around town...the downtown area is getting jazzed up with lots of awesome updates to attract new people, hotels are going up, signs about a bike route going up....WHAT bike route signs. Yes, you heard correctly there is trails being built here in Sterling.  My daughter and I love biking riding though streets are not always safe as some of you may have read in the paper about a bike rider getting hit, yea most of the time we are alright though we have had our share of hair raising, kneel praying, bathroom running adventure being on our bikes though did you know that there is a group pushing to bring trails into Sterling and what a way to bring more excitment to our little community.  This trail is called the Sterling Loop...oo recognize it yep there it is a gateway at Prairie Park marking the trail eventually this trail will connect to all the parks and link up to the museum.  Yeah, I am so excited can you just imagine a bike trail towards the museum (we love this idea) in the near future heading to Prairie school in costumes....instead of wagons, we have bikes...LOL.

     Well as you may know putting these trails in is going to cost a pretty penny though leave it to our City Recerational department to come up with ways to get our funding here for the trail. Give them a hand they are doing a great job and working over time to get funds here to put these trails in for everyone.  Some of the trails are already in place like the route marked on Platte St or over there  off of Sidney just look for the signs showing where the bike route is and take one, you never know what you will find.  

On that note I am sure you are thinking well that is nice though how can I or my family get involved.  Well let me tell you of a few ways that you and your family can get involved.  
If you have a child in the local schools  the city has put in to place a program which teaches your kids about bicycling and bike safety...also this weekend bring your family to the Prairie Park for the Bike Rodeo on Saturday Oct. 1 from 9am-1pm 
You can also join the following groups by liking their facebook sites...
    Tread for Trails and Rural Roadies (for locals in Sterling)...both are a great way to meet other riders, learn about our city and enjoy the wonderful scenery that is around us....you never know what or who you will discover along the way.  Gear up and have fun Riding!