Friday, September 23, 2016

Awesome Deal for Kids Bible Music-Psalty

The Kids Praise Album 

    YEAH it is Psalty time,  I am so excited to share this great offer with all of you right now they are 12 CD's for the price of 10 for $100 and I am telling you it is worth your Money to get this series especially for your kids.  There is also a cheaper and faster way to get Psalty to you and that is to Download it right away for $9.99.   I guarntee you will be stuck on Psalty and looking forward to hearing about his adventures.   
    I am sure most of you are wondering Who in the world is Psalty?  For those who don't know Psalty, is a big blue singing song book, who teaches memory verses, values and most of all God.  I tell as an adult songs and veses will stick in your head and when you least expect it or something happens one of these songs will pop into your head.  
Here is a great example of this happening.....We homeschool and frustration hits the fan every so often and then we start singing Jump up from Psalty Pow Pow Power to Live Gods Way or Make me a Servant from Charity. Psalty seems to calm us down and refocus on what is actually important it truly helps us out through the day.