Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend of Blessing-Free Community sale


  I would love to share something that happened this weekend (August 20, 2016)  that was a true blessing to everyone. This is a picture of a Community Sale though there is one catch everything was FREE, yes that is what I said FREE.  Our local Berean Church here in Sterling set this up and what a blessing it was for everyone. The blessings started showing up on Monday when the donations started to coming in. It started with the church folks giving then the community started to give.  I tell you I started to scratch my head on a few items thinking NO WAY on earth is these items going, but they did. Now I tell you the items given wasn't at all garbage. Items that was given a beautiful piano which is pictured below.
Also gifted to this sale (not sure what to call it being free and all) homeschool items, Prom Dresses, baby items, books, dressers, couches, washers, dryers, gates, flooring, holiday items and clothes. Brand New items tags still on them clothes, shoes, golf clubs, medical equipment, hygenie products, bedding sets, dishes, toys just to name a few. 

I tell you this was truly a blessing for everyone involved. I wished I thought of taking pictures though I think I hit the overwhelm bucket with everything at this point.  We had a great crew to help pull this off, big Thanks there. We had people who greeted people and guided them through, crew to help carry stuff out and load in vechiles, a crew to deliver items to those who wheren't able to do it, and an awesome crew to make sure everyone felt welcome or who just needed someone to sit down with them an listen or talk. I can say without this crew this wouldn't of been as smooth as it was.
Now on to stories from those who benefit from this sale.....A family who lost everything in a fire, we were able to bless them with a bed, washer, dryer, clothes, dishes and a few other items. We had several families that just moved here and was able to plug them into the community or meet people.
There is so many stories though one story in particular I love was a little boy who came to me.
 He came up to me with a little plastic bag of money in one hand and a blue car in the other hand.  He started to hand me the bag,
I kept shaking my head no and finally I just knelt in front of him and said, Do you know Jesus? The little boy said, Yes, I know Jesus.
I told him, Did you know Jesus Loves you?
Little boy, Yes I know Jesus Loves me!
I said, I am giving you this car just like Jesus loves you for free!
His little brown eyes got so big and he piped up, You give to me just like Jesus loves me?
I said, Yes. He gave me a quick hug and then runs to his family saying, I got car just like Jesus loves me for Free.
I tell you that was the heart of this sale is to show those who are hurting, afraid to walk in a church that there is no strings attached that it is love of Christ and it is Free. I do pray out of all of this that everyone who gave, recieved or helped saw this seed being planted it truly was a blessing. Oh I forgot to mention that afterwards nothing was thrown out instead it was passed on...We had one trailer load of items left over which was given to Moose Lodge, who will be doing an auction to raise money for the Holiday Baskets (which is filled with food for those who couldn't have a holiday dinner) for the community. We also had a large garbage bag of stuff animals that was given to the local police, sheriff and state patrol department for kids in crisis. A box of sheets given to the local veteranary offices for the little animals needing comfort.  A large box of coats that was given out for a coat drive and last of all 2 boxes of reference/textbooks and reading books given to local college for college students.  What a weekend of blessings that it was. I truly hope that if this is done next year that you will be thinking of donating, helping or just showing up.  I will also make sure I have a camera around for more pictures.