Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shopping Walmart-savings $72.48, spent $43.61

Oh my Goodness, I decided to head to Walmart tonight and a gal told me that everything, YES everything clothing that was marked clearance and with yellow tags was another 50% off, today only. I am so excited by my finds

So everything that I got was 50% off the clearance tags so here we go

2-kids swimsuit $2.50ea
2-womens skirts $4.50ea
1-men's slacks $4.50
1-men's shorts $4.50
1-women's active wear shirt $2.50
1-sports bra $2.50
4-kids tanks $1ea
1-kids shorts $1
2-mens boxer shorts $1ea
3 piece kids set-2 tanks and 1 shorts $4.50

Total Spent $43.61
Savings $72.48