Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dollar Tree-CRAZY AWESOME School Stuff


So I hit the $ store today and I do believe I will probably head back....Look at these awesome 1in binders no need to jazz these up. Below is composition books this one of those awesome looking ones, they even have straight bright colors like orange green. 
 Oh and look pencil bags for binders....I love that they are clear and just a tad bit of zing to it. Will tell you what other purpose I have for these items later.

 Another Great find why not have fancy dry erase markers or highlighters....oh yes and the awesome post it note tags.
 If you look closely at these tags, sorry picture not well. These tags have the days of the week on them. I think anyone would get a kick out of these sticky notes. Thought I try these with my daughter on her reading lesson will let you know how those work later.

Though Hurry at lot of these will go very fast like these wonderful binder calendars. I love these especially for homeschool it keeps us on target and on schedule. Will be posting more of what I find later though right now RUN to your $store and see what they are carrying.