Thursday, June 9, 2016

Did you Know?

  You see this little piece of paper called a receipt....We all know what this is and how many times has this little item been scrunched up thrown away and not used. DON'T THROW AWAY, yes heard me here is the reason WHY 

Did you know scanning of those receipts give you stuff.

  • Cash, Gift Cards or in other words Money in your pocket
  • Free Items-photos, gift cards, music, coupons, etc.
    • just to name a couple
  • Free gift Card for Sunmart
    • Program called Pet Bucks or Baby Bucks
      • you collect 200 of either one, then take your receipt in and cash out for it. 

Do you know what happens when you fill in their surveys, yes the ones that is found of the bottom of the receipts what happens when you fill it out? Well let me tell you of a few.........

Did you know...........

  • Grocery Stores
    • Sunmart will give you 5% off your next purchase
  • Auto
    • Eagle has a reward system and gives you points towards FREE stuff
  • Retail
    • JCPenney gives you a % off your next purchase
    • Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General-sweepstakes for a gift card or Free items
      • Yes I have won a couple of these   

  • Food
    • Dairy Queen will give you a FREE dilly bar.
    • Burger King, Wendy, Subway, etc all gives you a Buy one Get one or Free item or another hot deal.