Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Treasure Box-The Red,, Yellow, White Monster

    Tonight sitting down working on books and our big dog Minion came waltzing towards the kitchen and just as he hit the kitchen doorway....he goes ballistic literally crazy deep growl, barking and whining. When I jumped up and started racing towards the kitchen, he met me half way grabbed me and now here I stand in a tug of war...I wanted to go towards the kitchen to see what in the world spooked him and here minion was pulling me away from the kitchen.

Tugging, pulling and dragging him I made it to the doorway not seeing anything except a mess of stuff needing to be put away, I started to get closer to the MONSTER and minion started pulling harder and harder trying to not lose my pants and ever so close it hit me what the monster was. There it was just sitting there innocently enough mocking us with its bright bold red, yellow and white colors and thinking look at me ever so proud I stand. Yes I tell you it took a moment but in a fit of laughter I grabbed that hideous monster and started to take care of it, But before I could even catch my breath it was snatched out of my hands. BANG, BANG, BANG it is slammed into the walls, CRASH into the china cabinet and SMACK, SMACK on the floor.

The look in Minion eyes...Oh my goodness I saved mom at this point I am not sure whether to laugh, rescue it or grab the camera, yes of course I did grab the camera and this is what I caught. My better half and minion in a tug a war with the monster him screaming giving me that, Minion growling and barking at it and throwing it hard into the floor. Yes, I tell you it was a dire straight to see what the outcome would be.........

Yes the battle continued on BANG, SLAM, GIVE ME THAT and dropping the camera and then start my own rescue of the monster, grabbing a freshly launder towel and throwing it over minion and the monster, minion finally stopped for a brief moment in time for me to grab the towel wrap it around the monster and run for the bathroom with minion tearing up after me.

Racing into the bathroom opening the cabinet and throwing the towel and the monster in and slamming it shut, sliding to the floor, saying WHEW it is gone...minion  stomps his foot looks at me, gives me a kiss and off he went.  The family was saved from the monster. minion stomped his foot, threw his head up and stormed out of the bathroom like he was saying to the monster, I will show you who is boss around here.  Now as a word of caution to anyone, any slight sound of that cabinet  door being open, you will beat your life on it minion will be there checking on you.