Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Treasure Box-Bead Making


Slowly but surely we are getting back into the normal of our life and thankfully to be blogging again. I do thank you as the reader for staying with us and on that note here is a peak into what we started doing K got a recycle bead maker for Christmas and let me just say I do believe I am having as much fun as her.  It looks like this in picture below, included in the kit is a top to wrap your beads on and some paper,  you would have to find the pop bottle to screw the top onto though overall a great kit. 

   Product Details
Especially if you coupon like we do you have plenty of paper at your disposal and for a couple of $ head to the $tree and get a couple packets of glitter paper to ad some jazz to your beads.  Besides making jewelry let your imagination go wild and make some great items for yourself or a great gift for someone.  Definitely an easy and great kit that any kid or adult can do all by themselves. The only disadvantage I found and was informed that k has asked her papa to build her a stand for her bead maker, it seems you almost have to have an extra hand to hold the bottle as you wrap the paper on, but over all a great kit.