Thursday, December 3, 2015

Awesome Deal don't miss....Audio Stories low price and HUGE bundle


I normally don't do this put I am going to put a plug on this product.  Do you and your family love Audio Stories, We love these old Fashion Stories and one of them has become a tradition in our home that is Cinnamon Bear, it is a story that has 26 episodes of a fantasy adventure it was meant to listen to one episode per day though this is one that you don't want to stop once it is started. Right now this series is offered as a bonus for buying their Old Time Holiday Stories and Right now you can snag on Wholesome at a low price of $17 an AWESOME gift to give or extend your library.

In this deal you can snag 13 Thanksgiving stories, 31 plus more Christmas stories, as a bonus Cinamon Bear audio, lapbook, game and coloring book, 5 mouth watering recipe books, and 4 Christmas books. I tell you this is one investment you don't want to miss at all and start a new tradition in your home today.