Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ways to snag your free gift card for a free bird or ham for Christmas


 Like I mentioned in a previous post I got this Turkey for free. You can too as well get a prize bird or ham for free for Christmas.   
Here is a few ways that I snag these deals......

Sweepstakes-I normally enter into manufacture ones, small blogs, store giveaways and ones that I find in magazines. Ones I post on the blog I have entered in. 

Swagbucks-print and redeem coupons, watch tv ads, surveys, refer a friend, watch their network feed for bucks (codes)

Inboxdollars-print and redeem coupons, answer e-mails, surveys, refer a friend, download search bar and use. 

Cash and Redeem the codes posted on blog for coke, pampers, huggies, kellogg's, etc. You be surprise on what you can snag. 

Survey's-I am cautious on this one though there is  good survey's out there who do give gift cards just watch for these I post them occasionally.