Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY-canning oranges

So this week we been working on clearing out our fridge and freezer.  We ended up with quit a bit of food with the bountiful basket then I was able to hit some awesome deals like pineapple for $.98 and these cuties for $3.50 ea. I didn't want to fill the freezers all the way up and second of all I wanted a little longer shelf life on fruits. So This is what k and I did first we started with the cuties and there was a lot of them. I do apologize though canning with a 5yr old and taking pictures didn't quit go hand in hand.

First thing to do was wash the oranges in warm soapy water, then rinse and away we started peeling. It took us about an hour to peel them all. k job was to get the white strings off and separate them. We both had orange hands after that.  While we were peeling I had my water boiling on the stove and my jars being sanitized in the dishwasher.
The next step was to get the syrup made, I made light syrup
3c of sugar 
6c of water 
Next we packed the jars with oranges and ladle the syrup in running a plastic spatula around the edges to get the air bubbles out. The lids I had boiling in water, wipe the rim of the jar off then put the lids on tightly. Next just place in your pan and boil for 20min. Do not Bump them or Drop them!!!
This is what happened when a jar is dropped
Yep I was fishing oranges out of the water bath....
After 20min just place on a towel on the counter to let them cool as they cool you will hear a ping sound.
This is what we got done canning monday-7 quarts of oranges, 10 pints of oranges, 6 quarts of pineapple.
On the list still to can-homemade pizza suace, mangos, fruit cocktail.
On the list to freeze-caulflower, broccali, sausage
Then figure out what to do with avocados, peppers, & bok choy.